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We are Angelyn, Bonnie (married to Mark), Monterey, Monica, Laurleen, Heidi (married to Stuart), Haylee,
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Susie (married to Daniel), Tia (married to Ben), Crystel, and then there is Jared not married and is on a mission in Samoa.
We all love home and family and are in the various different stages of motherhood. Between us we have 63 children
and over 500 years of child rearing experience and that's just for now!

Friday, October 30, 2015

Creamy Tomato Alfredo Sauce

Mix 2 cups Aunt Sondra’s Marninara Sauce with one cup bottled or homemade Alfredo sauce and serve with fettucine or your choice of pasta.  Also makes a delicious dipping sauce for breadsticks.

Homemade Alfredo Sauce:
1 stick butter
1 cup heavy cream
Salt and freshly ground black pepper
2 cups freshly grated Parmesan


In a saucepan or skillet, warm the butter and cream. Season with salt and pepper. Add the Parmesan and stir until melted.

Toss to combine, thinning with pasta water if necessary.
Creamy Beef and Macaroni
 from Angelyn

1 lb browned hamburger
1 30 oz jar spaghetti sauce
2 cups elbow macaroni, cooked
½ cup miracle whip or sour cream

Mix, heat thoroughly and sprinkle with cheese. I highly recommend Aunt Sondra's Marinara Sauce.

Irish Cabbage Rolls

1 large head cabbage                                       1 large onion
1 lb hamburger                                                1 cup instant rice
1 lb ground pork (sausage will do)                 1 large can diced tomatoes
1 T. salt                                                           1 large can tomato juice
¼ tsp. garlic salt                                              1 bay leaf
¼ tsp. pepper                                                   toothpicks

Soak cabbage leaves in boiling water to wilt.  In large bowl, mix hamburger, pork, salt, pepper, onion, and rice.  Form into balls, roll into cabbage leaves, and secure together with toothpicks. Place in a large kettle.  Pour on tomatoes and tomato juice.  Add bay leaf.  Cook over medium heat until cabbage is tender. 

Note: In place of the tomatoes and tomato juice with bay leaf, substitute Aunt Sondra's Marinara Sauce. 

Aunt Sondra’s Marinara Sauce 

Every summer during tomato season, I make it a point to bottle this recipe of Aunt Sondra's Marinara Sauce, since I use it with so many recipes, and after trying this, I can never bring myself to buy the canned stuff anymore. It just doesn't compare.  I have even started "canning parties" with several friends and neighbors, and I haven't met one yet that doesn't want to become a regular.  Frankly, we can't make enough of it. I have used it in a lot of recipes, too, some of which I will post here--if I can remember them all. 

Aunt Sondra’s Marinara Sauce (Spaghetti Sauce)

½ bushel tomatoes (1 tomato bushel =52 lbs., or ½ is about as many tomatoes that fill a Utah Fruit box)
1 cup dried onions or 5 diced onions
1½   tablespoons minced garlic
½ cup salt
1 ½ cups sugar
1 cup oil (I use Olive Oil)
1½ tablespoons  oregano
2 tablespoons basil
½ cup lemon juice or vinegar
½ gallon tomato paste (about 11-12 6oz. cans, or 6 12oz. cans)

Scald and peel tomatoes.  Bring all to boil, simmer 20 minutes (or longer to thicken) stirring often.  Pour into hot mason jars leaving 1 in. headspace and tighten lids.  Process 20 minutes.  Makes 11-13 quarts.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Educational Ideas for Young Children

Educational Activity Ideas for young kids

I compiled this list of things to do with my kids to make my time with them more productive and to make "no screen time" not so miserable for them--and just to reiterate that learning can be lots of fun!  Feel free to add your ideas too!

When in the car:
To 1000
To 200 by 10’s, 2’s and 5’s
Count backwards from 100
Backwards from 100 by 10’s, 5’s, and 2’s

Recite the Articles of Faith or learn the names of the 12 Apostles
Sing Primary songs really loud with all the windows rolled down
Memorize a classic poem
Play the “I spy” Alphabet game to learn letters.
Count how many American flags you see while driving down the freeway in a city

At Home or in the backyard: 
Have a fashion show
Learn fractions by following a recipe for chocolate chip cookies
Build a fort
Learn the value of coins and dollars by playing “store”
Learn about liquid, gases, and solids by freezing, steaming and playing with water
Build an ant farm
Learn to crochet   (Thanks, YouTube!)
Write a 5-minute speech or talk on any subject of your choice
Do yoga for half an hour together
Design the floor plan of a dream house or dollhouse
Build a dollhouse or a birdhouse/feeder
Build a castle or fort using cardboard boxes duct-taped together
Make paper dolls
Choreograph a new dance and perform it for Daddy. 
Have a spelling bee
Learn to count to 20 in another language
Interview an elderly person
Carve something out of a bar of soap
Write and illustrate a poem or children’s story
Invent a silly product, then film a commercial for it
Paint an outdoor or indoor mural together.
Learn and chart your family history.
Do each other’s hair, makeup, nails, etc. and hold a beauty pageant
In the spring time, make a fairy garden, or with boys, a dinosaur land using small planters or newspaper-lined baskets and real plants.
Build a mini city or neighborhood or farm with sidewalk chalk and toy cars

Thursday, March 21, 2013


These pictures are not in order because I cant figure out how to post pictures correctly. We had an amazing time and want to give a huge thank you to Adam and Larae for this opportunity!

There was something living in it
eating on deck when we first arrived
muster drill
Miami sailaway


Miami beach

On the deck with Linda and Rachel
I dont remember if this was our first sunset or second
Olin took this picture

formal night


Roatan.  that is our boat in the background
Ron dove for this shell in Cozumel but...
Add caption
This is a picture of my feet, not that guy
Right after we got on the boat
On the way to Vegas
transport from the hotel to the Miami port